About company


DataInfo company was founded in 2003. It focuses on the successful establishment of reliable information systems, which are the basis for the modern activities of government organizations and commercial organizations to improve the effectiveness of information security and minimize the risks associated with information processing.

DataInfo company has the necessary licenses and certificates for its activities.

DataInfo company provides customers with a full range of services for the design, development and implementation of solutions in the field of information technology.

Company’s solutions are available in different spheres: public sector, financial services, health care, information systems, automated tools provide documentation and archives.

Employees of the company DataInfo – a friendly team of highly qualified specialists in different fields and spheres of activity.

Resources of our company allow employees to realize ambitious projects using advanced technologies.

Currently more than 15 000 members, who working in a variety of industries, enjoy solutions and products DataInfo.

Contact us

Odessa, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (048) 728-88-55
E-Mail: info@datainfo.com.ua