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InterSystems company was founded in 1978 by Phillip T. (Terry) Ragon. His product vision – power through simplicity – has deep roots in remarkable application development technology invented during the 1960s at the Laboratory for Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Originally conceived as an easy-to-use programming language for doctors, the MGH technology was expanded by InterSystems developers to create innovative data management products and rapid application development technologies.

Long before the term “Big Data” came into vogue, our products were taking on classic Big Data challenges, making short work of the volume, velocity, and variety of transactional data. The strength of our technology attracted our first clients, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Epic. All of our original clients are still working with us today. The longevity of these relationships is one of the hallmarks of our company, and a testament to our passion for making clients successful.

In 1997 our growth accelerated with the launch of the Caché high-performance “post-relational” database system. It retained our fundamental design principle of power through simplicity and provided a path forward for existing customers, but was completely reengineered to incorporate key advanced technologies. Unlike relational databases that rigidly organize data in tables, Caché was a multidimensional database that could handle all formats of structured and unstructured data – a valuable breakthrough, especially in healthcare which has always relied heavily on free-text clinician notes.