One of the main directions of our work is to provide outsourcing services for custom software development. Within the framework of the services offered full cycle of development and implementation, including:

  • collection and analysis of requirements;
  • development of technical specification;
  • modeling and description of business processes and data flows;
  • development of architecture of proposed solution;
  • development of software solutions;
  • create a package of supporting documentation;
  • implementation of the developed solutions;
  • customer training;
  • maintenance, support and development of the set of solutions.

Project management

Organization of the project management process allows our customers to get complete visibility and control over the development of the project at all its stages. To maximize the effectiveness of our solutions for each project from our side necessarily involved a project manager, business analyst and technical expert.

Requirements management

Organization of effective requirements management largely achieves maximum effect in value terms, according to the customer’s expectations and actual results of the project.

Inside of the requirements

  • Business requirements;
  • Functional requirements;
  • Non-functional requirements including technological, architectural, load, etc.

Requirements for implementation

Our experts use a variety of tools for modeling of business processes, data flows, visualization interface and architectural solutions, etc. To ensure the most effective communication process with the customer we organize periodic meetings and consultations with the specialists responsible representatives of the customer. If necessary, we can provide the constant presence of our specialists on the customer side.

Quality of services and processes of the company

All work carried out by our experts using the most advanced techniques and processes, which in turn ensures high quality of the final product. Additional questions can be asked by phone +38 (048) 728-88-55 or send to e-mail info@datainfo.com.ua.